You can use customer testimonials and build trust

Last but not least is the customer testimonial videos that act as ‘word-of-mouth’ for your brand. Your leads are bound to get inspired by customers who have been benefitted by your products. But is it feasible to hold a seminar and display success stories? How do you make your leads meet your customers then? Design a customer testimonial video that features your existing customers. Make them talk about your brand or product in the most authentic way possible. Shoot real emotions and address pain-points with which your leads can connect. People trust people, and if you include them in, your brand’s trust value increases too. 

Having said that, videos are equal to ‘in-person’ meetings if not greater than them. They are cost-effective and time-saving too. So if you are still dealing with sales calls and arranging offline meetings, it’s high time you opt videos instead.

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