Why is video important? – Next big thing to “in person” meeting

Don’t we all prefer a ‘face-to-face- conversation over any other means of communication? Isn’t “talking in person” the right way to deal with everybody, be it your customers, family or acquaintances? But how do you sell to a customer from a different city in a way that seems real? How do you attract a lead and engage him/her if you can’t meet them in person?

Well, in case your client only believes in what they see and interact with, videos have got you covered on this. Videos are the next big thing to the “in-person” meeting that can turn your cold leads into your hot buyers. And here’s how

You can host video meetings

What are people more likely to connect with- a person or a voice? If you’ve been trying to sell your product or service over phone calls, you already know the answer to this. Integrate videos to your sales process to act as the best alternative to an ‘in-person’ meeting. Introduce video meetings to help your leads through the buying decision.

Video meetings will help you read the expressions and body language of your lead. Analysing the “signals” that a possible customer bestows can help you upgrade your pitch accordingly. A human connection also makes you more credible before the buying decision. Much why talking ‘one-on-one’ through videos is very useful in closing the deal. 

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