Video types of lead generation

If you’re a B2B marketer, chances are that all you talk about is lead generation. And why not? Isn’t it what brings business to your table and the company altogether?

But have you tried incorporating videos into your marketing plan yet? If not, it is time that you do! After all, 76% of existing marketers believe that videos help them increase traffic.

The reason why I’ve made a list of video types that go well with your lead generation in the B2B sales process

Explainer Videos

How many times do we stop at a “How-to” video while scrolling down our newsfeed? How many times do we google our concerns and end up watching a video that solves it? The answers to these will lead you to a whopping number! Much the reason why explainer videos are exactly where you as a business can meet your leads. Explainer videos are at the top of the lead generation funnel because they attract viewers and create brand awareness. So if you’ve researched enough on the common pain-points of the audience that you’re targeting, create a video to address it. And if you can manage to demonstrate yourself well, you can generate a lot of leads through it.

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