Type of videos for different stages of B2B sales process

Are you a business looking for a perfect video marketing campaign to assist your sales? Did you know that you have a different video each for every time a visitor goes down your sales funnel? The journey from a visitor to a lead or a sales-qualified-lead to a customer is insane. The reason why I’ve compiled a list of different kinds of videos to assist your B2B sales process

Attract Stage

The Attract Stage in the B2B sales funnel is all about building the right awareness for your brand. While the prime objective of any business is to sell, your videos at this stage can’t be anywhere close to selling.

People are rather more likely to get attracted to a product or service if it can establish its own value. Hence, a demand generating video is a great way to brand yourself. The goal should be to create a video that intrigues the user to find out more.

Another way to attract visitors to your brand is to post social videos on a platform that is best suited for you. Your video should perfectly fit the technical attributes of the platform you choose. You should also consider specific targeting so as to get the best audience for your video.

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