Some great B2B video examples

It is absolutely amazing to witness how B2B video market has evolved over the years. Businesses have now started to delve deeper into innovation with videos. Do you want to know how? Well, here are some great videos from the B2B industry to answer you:


Deloitte’s video on “It’s what we do that makes a difference” is a stunner because it is earnest. While most of the B2B videos take up storytelling, Deloitte tries a very brand-centric approach with this video. And guess what? It is not only beautiful to envision how “the future belongs to the dos” but also very inspiring. Instead of taking the longer route to promote the brand, it directly highlights the company values. The video very well showcases the company culture and the promise to their customers. And we all love a video that talks about real-life values and characteristics, don’t we?

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