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Top 5 Free Mobile apps to make Explainer videos yourself

Videos have become the face of any brand and business running today, haven’t they? Although there are different kinds of videos in the market, product explainer videos are in the greatest demand.

And if you too are hoping to promote your business using video, you must try these 5 free mobile apps for sure:

1. Powtoon:

Are you someone with no technical knowledge of video making? Well, Powtoon is a rather simple application you could use to make amazing videos.

It is an easy-to-use tool with a drag and drop system that can make professional videos in a few minutes. Not only that, it comes with colourful and beautiful animated templates and designs.

It has three pricing packages, out of which one is free. All of which provides cool and high-quality animations that can be customized as per your need.


2. Biteable:

If you’re looking for a minimalistic design and formal approach, Biteable has got you covered. The videos created using Biteable are high-quality videos that can be shared directly on Youtube.

Although it comes with a paid version too, its free version is more than enough for an amazing video.

However, the catch here is that if you want to remove their watermark or download the animation, you need to have a premium account instead.

Take a look at how Biteable is the simplest video maker indeed:

3. MySimpleShow:

Do you absolutely love whiteboard videos?

Well, then you are going to love MySimpleShow. Instead of a pen or marker, it uses a hand to make the whiteboard explainer videos you’ve been drooling on.

It has a very powerful interface and the vector images used in it, are also very light-weight. MySimpleShow makes one of the most interactive explainer videos since it is unique and fun!

4. Moovly:

Moovly is another whiteboard video maker but has more advanced features.

It is a highly customizable video making application that comes with precise editing tools.

Not only that, it allows the user to add his/her own audio clips and music to the animation they use.

It is great for making video presentations and explainer videos. Oh, and did I tell you? As a Moovly user, you can enjoy unlimited downloads and unlimited videos too!


5. Animaker:

Are you someone who enjoys more of creative liberty?

Animaker is one such Do-it-yourself tool that fits your purpose then! Besides, it is the best in creating video infographics and typography animation.

It comes with 5 types of video making options and 120 types of animations.

It also comes with a drag-and-drop function. Adding to which, it has music and sound-effects pre-loaded.

For creating short explainer videos, businesses prefer Animaker since the videos made by it can’t be longer than 2 minutes.

If you are OK with a generic looking video, these tools offer speed and cost effectiveness like no other.

But if you’d rather customize the Imagery, sound, story, backgrounds, characters as per your brand guidelines, we can help you right away. Check out our video offerings to know more.