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How to promote your explainer video on Social Media

So you’ve finally made a stunning explainer video and can’t wait for the world to see it! But how do you put the word out?

And with explainer videos becoming a trend that most businesses follow, it is important that these videos reach out.

That’s why I’ve jotted down a few points on how you can promote your explainer videos on social media:

1. Share it on YouTube:

What’s the first place that strikes your mind when you think of watching a video? YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

If your video has great content, and you have worked hard on the meta description and thumbnails, it is the best platform to gain attention.

You can also use Google AdSense to customize the reach for your video. And if you already have a channel here, gear up and start posting systematically!


2. Optimize it for Facebook:

Facebook seconds YouTube in video content as it has about 8 billion video videos daily. From your aunt to that neighbor uncle to that junior in school, you’ll find anyone and everyone here.

Facebook is the only network with such a diverse range of audience. Optimize your posts as per the Facebook aspect ratio and start posting right away. You must always link your videos to your homepage to invite visitors.

You can also customize your audience using Facebook Ads and target Call-To-Action for your videos.


3. Promote it on LinkedIn:

Putting an explainer video that talks about your brand on LinkedIn increases your visibility in the business world.

You can connect with people in groups on LinkedIn or tag other influencers or companies to reach out to the correct business audience.

Not only that, you can add a video to your profile for your clients and potential sponsors to understand and remember you better.


4. Post it on Instagram:

Instagram is all about stunning visual content on the internet!

You must also take note of the length which should not exceed 1 minute. Use Instagram stories and relevant hashtags to promote it organically.

These days, people use paid promotions to reach out, which is also worth the money spent. A detailed insight of an Instagram post looks like this:


5. Pin it to your Twitter feed:

You can tweet your video and pin it to your profile. Pinning your video tweet enables a user to see it at the top of your feed.

It acts as a business brochure to all the clients interested in your brand. It is one such long-term promotion tactic not available on any other social media platform.

So just tweet and make your audience repeat!


These platforms may give you the liberty to promote your videos and enhance your brand presence. But all of it will eventually depend on how willing are you to try?

I hope you do!