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How to make better product explainer videos?

According to research, 95% of people prefer watching an explainer video to learn about a product. Are you hoping to create one too? Well, product explainer videos are a great way to build a rapport with you and your customers indeed. But in the race of new videos getting launched daily, it is important to take note of the quality you produce. The reason why I’ve enlisted a few tips on making a better product explainer video:

1. Scriptwriting (Keep it short):

Even if you’re a great public speaker, it is necessary to write down a script before shooting. A well-scripted video saves a lot of time and re-dos. The ideal length for a product explainer would be somewhere between 1-2 minutes, which is approximately 150-300 words. Each word counts and hence has to be well-thought-of!

2. Storyboard (Make it simple):

Good video production houses are thorough with storyboards. Hence, they can exactly create a simpler version of your scripts using it. The only thing to keep in mind is that the solution must always follow the problem. If you have the basic idea, even you can structure a storyboard that simplifies your product video. But if you have none, here’s how you can get started:

3. Develop the correct visuals:

You have to focus on illustrations that make your video look relatable to the product. It is important to touch the right chord of emotions with the visuals. Always focus on the benefits of the product and not the features it offers. I always keep a set of extra visuals as a backup, in case something doesn’t suffice the feel of the whole video.

4. Collect the right resources:

Get yourself a tripod and a good quality camera. Even a decent camera phone is good to go resource for video shooting today. Not just the video, take care of the sound quality too. Use proper microphones that enhances the sound quality. Using a lapel mic will help you cut down the background noise, and is hence a great resource to invest in.

5. Focus on the setting:

Your product should look its best to attract customers, in the first place. In case there are human faces involved, it is necessary that your subject falls in the best light too. Shooting in a bright room with a three-point light is highly recommended. Also, take note of the background depending on what you intend to use – whiteboard, graphics or a real background.

6. Voiceover and music:

For an explainer video, the voiceover is the key. Make sure you hire a professional for it. The tonal quality and the dialect should be fluent and simple to understand. As for the music, you can always use royalty-free soundtracks from platforms likeAudioJungle or the ones uploaded in Youtube.

7. Make it fun:

No matter who is your audience, everybody on this planet loves a video that entertains. If you add a unique twist or a fun element to your video, it is already a hit for the viewer. A wacky content or a humorous feel is going to connect to the audience too.

8. Plan a rough cut and start revising:

Once things are done, it’s time for you to put everything together. In doing so, you’ll be amazed to witness how your script comes off during a rough cut. But remember, the rough cut is only a production necessity. It sure has to be revised a couple of times to become better.

9. Brand your video:

What if someone finds your product video on a site that is not owned by you? Hence, never forget to brand your video. The best practice is to tell people at the end of the video, where they can find your product and more information on it.

Product explainer videos have continued to deliver real and measurable results. So if you’re thinking to produce one for your brand, you must begin already!