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How to Make better Product Demo videos

A demo product video is the talk of the town today! More because, it is designed in a way, such that it gives the customer experience of using the product.

Hence, to make your customer walk through your product, the need of the hour is to make better demo videos. And here’s how I think you can:

1. Improve the quality of your script:

What many companies fail to understand is that a product video is not about cool effects and production tools. It is, in fact, the script that decides its fate. So it is important to have enriching, informative and quality content. For instance, if you take a look at one of the demo videos of Apple, you’ll know what I intend to say:

2. Focus on the attention span:

Aren’t we all guilty of skipping a product demo almost every time it pops up? But then, what is it that makes us watch a few product videos still? Isn’t it the extraordinary first few seconds of compelling content? Basically, your video should be able to catch the attention of a viewer in 8-10 seconds of time for it to be a hit! Also, when you get a customer on-board really quick, the conversion rate is usually higher.

3. Take note of the length:

Now, who will watch a video about a product for 10 minutes straight? Even if you’re the most established brand, nobody has the patience to sit through a relatively long video. Time is precious and so you should value it. While you make a product demo, stick to a timeline of 2 minutes for the best result. In doing so, you’ll only have the best left in your kitty to showcase, in terms of relevant and better information.


4. Do not crowd it with information:

However much you love your product, refrain yourself from including every minute details. A short video with a bunch of details is nothing but a confusing video. It is surely going to reduce your viewer’s attention. Instead, stick to a rather simple and to-the-point video that features the best in the lot. It is going to provide the right direction to your customers. Eventually, making it a better product demo video, by all means.

5. Create a broader context:

Do not confuse your product demos to be a product sales video. The major difference between the two is of course, that the former doesn’t try to sell hard. It rather just focuses on giving a trial of how the video works, and leave it upon the customer to decide. The key is to make the viewers subtly understand how each feature of your product will benefit them.

6. Include a Call-To-Action:

What if I watch your video till the end? What am I supposed to do now? Don’t leave it on me to guess, rather, tell me what I should be doing! Demo videos are supposed to educate your viewer and motivate them to take an action. They capitalize on how your viewers react to your call-to-action. Your call-to-action should be compelling enough to change your viewers into customers.

7. Edit and review:

Edit your videos as many times as it takes to get the perfect shot. Once you’re done publishing it, make a point to review it too. Review comments on your product demo video to use the insights for betterment. You can also conduct surveys on customers who usually buy products after watching a video. In this way, you’ll know what are the areas you could target and focus working on.

Your product video is in itself a lead generation tactic. So if you have the quality for it, you’ll get the customers too.