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How to make better educational video

An educational video is the perfect blend of emotions and facts. With the ever-increasing demand of videos, the goal is to make videos that catch the eye of the viewer. It has to be both, informative and engaging.

So if you’re planning to create an educational video, here’s how you can create better stuff:

1. Stick to one point:

Stick to a single point to explain. Covering a lot of aspects in a single video is never preferred by the audience. Instead, focus on choosing a subject that is relevant or a question that is high on Google ranks. And then, cater to it specifically.

2. Include examples as much as possible:

Nobody is going to relate to your theories unless you support it with real-world examples. Hence, you have to provide examples in every stage of the lesson. The best practice is to include them from the personal experiences of your viewers. Common subjects that occur in our day-to-day lives are always appreciated.

3. Research and provide context:

You just can’t include irrelevant information in your video ever. Do not beat around the bush too. Research on your subject thoroughly, even if you’re the best at it. Make sure that you provide enough context to prove your point.

4. Share resources beyond the video:

A great educational video always comes with a set of further resources for the viewers to follow up. You can provide links to further information in the description or at the end of the video. This increases the educational value of your video. People who are really interested in learning always opt for a video that is high in both, resource and information.

5. Customize according to your audience:

Draw a quick viewer’s personality in mind and only focus on it while designing the content. While creating a video, it is important to note that the same topic can be explained differently to a different audience. The levels of expectation and understanding are different in each case, and hence have to be handled differently. Below are two videos on the same subject for a better understanding:

6. Make it conversational:

None of us ever liked the boring lectures in college, did we? You surely don’t have to include a live class lesson in your video but the goal is to keep the engagement levels high. To make your videos engaging, challenge your viewers, make them guess, question them and finally, provide a solution. In this way, you can involve your viewers in your video and make it better.

7. Incorporate a powerful call-to-action:

Include a test or a revision snippet at the end of your educational video. Any educational video with a call-to-action is a stepping stone for a learner. More because a good educational video not only helps educate people but also helps them put things into practice.

8. Go creative:

Stay far from boring because that is the only reason why people log out of any educational video. Instead, don’t refrain from using a little humor and including your personality in it. Make users excited about learning the lesson that you offer by implementing creative and new methods to it.

The thin line between a boring and an interesting lesson is always how it is delivered, so make sure you do your best!