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How to make better client testimonial videos?

How many times have you bought a product just because someone else loves it? A customer testimonial video is built on the same behavior of the customers. Although it fits in any stage of a buyer’s journey, it gives the best result during the decision-making stage.

But how do you create better client testimonials that can convert your leads into buyers?

1. Humanize the video:

You obviously know that your testimonials can’t include animations or cartoons, don’t you? Your video basically has to look as real as it can get with real people in it. You also have to make it credible and enjoyable. A great testimonial makes your viewers identify with the customer on screen.

2. Don’t script the whole video:

Focus on capturing the natural responses of your customer. In doing so, you’ll have enough footage to choose from! Also, your customers should always be at ease when they talk about what they love about your brand. More because people are bound to relate to anything that is honest and authentic.

3. Provide context:

This comes a close second on how to make your videos look as real as it can get. So wherever you’re shooting, always show your viewers around. It not only gives a background information but also enriches the story that you’re about to share.

4. Talk about the benefits, not features:

Understand that a testimonial is not a product explainer video. Think from the customer’s point of view and only focus on showing how they’ve been benefitted by your brand. For instance, if you have a product that is a user-friendly application, your testimonial should focus on how easy is it for your customers to access it.

5. Prepare and send the questions to the interviewee:

Although the video must be a natural affair, a little preparation does no harm. In fact, it is only going to optimize the production time. When you prepare the questions you want to ask, you eradicate the chance of missing out on anything that may be vital. Similarly, if your interviewee has a hold on the questions or the topics beforehand, S/He can prepare the points, at least.

6. Share the screen:

Have you ever wondered what makes a talking head video far from boring? It is the visual stimulation that goes along with it! In order to do the same, you can include captivating texts, product close-ups or b-roll footage from the company or even the shooting location. And in case you really want to stick to a talking head visual, you can give it different angles to interest the customer.

7. Keep it simple:

You might feel like a customer testimonial is a gateway to all the benefits that your products offer, but that is not the case indeed. Always remember that a lot of information in a short video is a turn-off. Nobody has ever been able to digest it at one go! It is rather better to stick onto a very simple yet effective message that connects with the audience.

8. Make necessary edits:

Always choose the best takes from the interview. Editing is an integral part as it can totally make or break your video. You just have to create a good flow and take note of the length. Do not worry about losing out great footages. Always remember the more precise it is, the more impact it creates.

Always focus on your testimonial video as a relationship building activity. It is surely going to connect with your viewers at an emotional level.