What are explainer videos and why use them ?

An explainer video is designed to explain your company, product, service or subject in a way that your audience can understand in two minutes or less. Most explainer videos cover four key points : the problem, the solution, the benefits, and how it works.
The key to a solid explainer video is keeping it short and engaging, while still conveying the right information. No matter what you’re explaining, an explainer video should leave your viewers with a clear understanding of what you do and a desire to take the next step.

When and how should i use explainer videos ?

Explainer videos are typically used towards the top of the funnel (consideration phase). They’re most useful when a potential customer is aware of their problem/need and starting to look at potential solutions. Places to put your explainer video :  homepages , product or service pages, newsletters, trade shows, and sales meetings.

How long do the explainer video production process take ?

Our standard production schedule for an animated explainer video is anywhere from 3-4 weeks, which does not include the time required to collect feedback and make revisions.

How much do explainer videos cost ?

Depending on the length, style and complexity, most of the higher-end explainers we work on these days run in the Rs. 1.5 – 2.5 Lacs range.