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DBX1: Video marketing and short attention span

Imagine that you clicked a link to a random video you had no plan of watching.

But sadly, the video didn’t really catch your eye. What is the maximum that you can watch until you give up?

Well, that is your attention span!


With times, our attention spans have decreased massively. It has been noted that users often leave web pages in just 20 seconds.

The average page visit now lasts less than a minute!

Why is it important to care about attention span when making videos?

Technically speaking, 8 seconds is that time span that decides the fate of your viewership.

8 seconds, that’s it?

I can hear you scratch your head! But then, after bringing in a few changes in the process, we’ve learnt to make the most use of the time.

In order to do the same, there are certain points that you could follow.

1. Don’t introduce yourself first:

The hard truth is that nobody cares who you are, they only care about what you offer!

If you look at any of the TED videos. You’ll never find the introduction of the company or the founder at the start.

It rather has a very direct message that says :


In such cases, a viewer already knows what he is going to get.

2. Make it high quality:

According to a report by Brightcove, 62% of the consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand that published a poor quality video.Not only that, there are other facts to worry about too!


Choosing the right setup, camera, lighting, editing software and voice-over is important.

Hence, you must look out for correct video partners that offer high-quality services.

3. Address issues:

People google their problems daily and are always seeking for an answer.

Any video that highlights a problem and offers a solution is already a hit. This type of video is also known as Explainer videos.

These videos are used to help your audience understand why they need your product or service.

For instance, let’s take a look at this explainer video from SLACK.

Our brain processes the information seen in an explainer video very fast.

It is usually 60,000 times faster than any other information.

With videos like these, 97% of marketers say that video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.

4. Have a catchy title:

Try looking at your title as one of the headlines of a newspaper. And you’ll know that the catchiest one, always takes away the limelight!

A catchy title not only grabs your visitors attention but also increases CTR.

In fact, CTR (click through rate) increases by the greatest margin, with a great title.


5. Tell a story:

Research from Headstream suggests that 55 per cent of the people are more likely to buy the offered product in future, while 15 per cent will buy the product immediately if they love your brand story. Much how Airbnb has been accepted as a brand.

This video tells us a story of people, places, love, and Airbnb through the logo.

And it is important to note and learn the tricks applied.

After all, your brand should also have a story that can hook people in!

6. Introduce the main element:

Within the first 8 seconds of your video, your viewer must have an idea of what you’re going to offer.

Keep your best content at the start and drive attention towards the whole video from there. Don’t beat around the bush ever.

You should rather come up with a teaser of what is going to come in the video next. This pumps up the customer and gives him clearer information about what he can expect.

7. Keep the video short:

Aren’t you also guilty of noting the duration of a video as soon as you click it open?

Well, we can’t blame you because according to the Benchmark Report, average viewed length of a single internet video is but just 2.7 minutes.

The infographic below suggests the viewership rate as per time.


It is not wrong to say that the shorter your video looks, the lesser people drop out of it. Hence, 56% of all videos published are less than 2 minutes long.

8. Project emotion:

As long as you can make your customer feel something, they are going to remain connected.

The HBR article called ‘The New Science of Customer Emotions’ suggests that those customers who aren’t connected with your brand have a -18% customer value.

But once they are thoroughly connected they end up bringing a customer value of 52%. Just like Dove that features women all over the world making a choice.

The video speaks for women empowerment and equality. It is important to note that emotionally connected customers are going to stick around longer!

And that by involving emotions, we help drive action with video.

9. Keep things simple:

Nielsen research suggests that channels with a clear proposition of value are a hit.

They are able to hold people’s attention for a much longer time. And naturally, channels with no or confusing value proposition don’t stand a chance.

Be very selective and choose purposeful words. Keep your campaigns or ads, simple and clean.

10. Focus on the thumbnails:

A study by Wistiastates that when you include video thumbnails instead of images in your email the clicks increase by over 21%.

A video thumbnail is basically your video’s poster. And we all know that the poster is much more important than the title always.

Invest your time in creating a compelling thumbnail. And also, focus on maintaining the guidelines. For instance, the standard size of a youtube thumbnail is 1280 px x 720 px.

If you’ve been able to manage your attention throughout the blog, I’m sure you now know how to drive attention too! And I wish you all the best for a greater start.