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Basics of video production

300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! Every single video on the internet is being judged for its content, quality, presentation and reach today. Since video content drives most of the traffic, its production has to be a high-quality affair. And to stand out in the lot, one surely has to get the basics right:

1. Be selective with subjects and content:

When selecting the content, stick to originality. Do not copy someone else’s idea. Also, be selective about choosing the right subjects for your video. The goal is to opt the best of them both. Just how the beautiful actors justify an equally appalling theme in the video below:

2. Plan out the process:

Once you’ve selected the subjects and the context for it, plan out the production. Remember that you have to write the script and structure the video before you start. Also, you can plan your b-roll shots that will act as extra footage during editing. Draft a plan around the shots list and content to have your best foot forward before shooting.


3. Consider the set carefully:

Who prefers a beach backdrop animation over a beach? Nobody, of course! The reason why you have to be very careful while choosing your set background. Your audience has the eye for details and is not fools. Hence, try shooting at the location rather than creating a replica of it. However, if your video demands a plain background, go for an indoor setup.


4. Be careful about sound quality:

Believe it or not, any video that fails to provide a standard sound quality is already a rejected piece of content. Use hands-free microphones for the best experience. In case you’re using a smartphone for shooting your videos, buy microphones that are compatible with it.


5. Set up the lights:

When it comes to lighting, balancing is the key. Both an overexposed footage or a poorly lit footage is going to turn down your audience. The best way out is to include a three-point lighting setup to capture your video from different angles.

6. Use a tripod:

Chances are if you hold your video or ask someone else to do it, your video will appear hazy or unstable. So always, get yourself a tripod stand, which can either be standing or a table version. The tripod helps keep your video stable and adds the professional touch to it.

7. Learn to focus:

Make sure you find the right exposure and then lock it so that it stays in focus. It is also vital to set the white balance in your cameras so that it can keep all the lighting neutral. Here’s how:

8. Apply the rule-of-thirds:

Ask a photographer and he’ll tell you how he can never violate the rule of thirds. The rule-of-thirds splits your shots, both vertically and horizontally in three parts. Following which, you must frame your object off-centre. As a video producer myself, I prefer it over the centred shot always.


9. Use background soundtrack:

Using background sound can create a much better impact on your video than any text can. It should although always complement the tone and feel of the video. In case you do not have a soundtrack of your own, you can choose from a variety of royalty-free soundtracks available.

10. Optimize text on video:

A video is already a million words, why crowd it with further more? Keep the words on your video very simple and to-the-point. Your video should look classy and an amazing way to do so is to animate the texts in it. Just like the one below:

11. Optimize video for your platform:

Optimize your video as per the guidelines of each platform. For instance, if your video has to be posted on Instagram, it should not be longer than 58 seconds. Also, your videos need to outperform the short attention span of your viewers. So you’ll basically be needing different versions for each platform you target.

Video production is as easy it can get, only if you keep the above points in mind while producing one! So what are you waiting for? Start right away!