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A-Z of video marketing every business owner should know

We have all come across a fair collection of messed up videos, haven’t we? At times the script’s pretty generic and at other times the volume’s kind of messed up. There can be multiple other aspects for a video to have been completely shut off. There’s more to an ideal video than meets the eye of the audience. You would vouch for it if you already have been making videos for your business. You also know how top businesses are increasing conversions by videos.


Why Video marketing is raging lately?

Thanks to the digital uprising, the audience depends on content on the web for reference. This gives a business opportunity for a lot of businesses, that survive by providing just that. If your brand is one such business that thrives on creating explainer videos for your audience, you are in for a real treat. For multiple reasons, videos are selling more than any other form of content. It’s extremely important to understand the facts and figures to be more effective video marketer. Video content is engaging hence entertaining, the motion in them drives a finer emotion. The real reason why they work is they give a live demo of the product or service the audience is interested in. Eventually, they provided 66% more qualified leads.

Source: Hubspot

Why should one hire a Video marketing company?

With the importance of videos and its marketing established, we should move on to the “Making” of it. Before I begin, understand that no great video is just about the content anymore, it’s also about how it’s presented. Everyone can create a video but not a High-quality video. With multiple tasks in the background, it becomes difficult for business owners to focus on the presentation and content, together. This is why more businesses are collaborating to produce content that goes viral. 73% businesses claim working on their video marketing has improved their ROI.

It’s pretty obvious to feel sceptical about giving such control over your property to a third person. But understand that hiring the right video marketing company will allow you to focus on what you are best at. This is also a great opportunity to see your business from a third person point of view.

Here are 5 things to avoid while hiring a Video Marketing Company:

1. Always avoid a company that doesn’t have any experience in your business-

Your business could be about weddings, products or travel services. A company might be extremely good in the wedding business, but that doesn’t mean it will be good in products. You will either have to spoon feed their team initially and teach the nuances of videography that’s new to you too. This is why it’s advisable to always hire a company who has already worked on projects similar to yours.

2. Always avoid a company that doesn’t have clients to vouch for them or reviews to depend on-

It’s easy to speak and extremely difficult to turn it into action. While listening to a pitch, you might be convinced by the ideas of a video company, but that’s not enough. The on-field issues can only be solved with practice and experience. Always ask them for references and do thorough research on the reviews they have. Be careful to check the reviewer’s full name and the company, this shows the authenticity of the reviews. If possible, connect with a few of them and ask them firsthand about their reviews.


3. Always avoid a company that prices its services too low:

You want videos that do your job for you but you also want value for your money. Understand that if it’s too hard to believe, it’s usually not worth believing. If you have already made videos, you understand that it is not a cheap process. What you pay, shows on your videos. If prices are much lower compared to the market, it could be because of various reasons. They do not get work; they are out of business or they don’t have the skill to charge.


4. Don’t trust a company that doesn’t have video samples-

It’s palpable to expect to see some demo samples of a company you will be working with. You would want to see their expertise and the kind of work they do. But make sure not to look for videos that are exactly similar to your sub-genre. For example, if you are a dress manufacturer, you can check Shoes, another sub-genre of “Product” genre. This will allow you to see if their videos are able to market a product irrespective of what it is. BUT, always check a number of video samples before taking the decision.

4 questions to ask when hiring a Video marketing company:

1. Does the Video company do variety?

This will allow you to see the spectrum of work they do. You would obviously not use their expertise in another genre. But understand that a company which has had an experience with multiple genres will have a broader outlook.

2. Are they experimenting and being creative?

The world as a whole is experimenting right now. Concepts that are new, are going viral. It’s their job to plan new concepts, challenge what’s existing and maintain your tone while delivering the right message.


3. Do they understand your business?

It’s pretty simple if they do not understand how your business works it’s highly unlikely for them to work. Their understanding of your business is what will be portrayed in their video for you. If they are interested they will be curious to know more about your audience and your structure.

4. How much is the production company charging?

Is it well within your budget? Most companies do not have a one size fits all package. The prices would depend on what and when you want to get. A good company would give you a realistic shortcut to achieve what you want within your goals. The variables here are the crew, the location, production complexity and length. As mentioned earlier, cheaper budgets usually lead to cheaper quality of videos.


With the A-Z of video production covered, you are ready to go out and rock. Let this blog help you in creating the best kind of video assets for your business, while you reap in the benefits.