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6 Most popular formats of Explainer videos in 2019

Although explainer videos are not a seller’s pitch, they are still a very effective way of converting your leads into buyers.

Considering the popularity and demand, there are more than a dozen kind of explainer videos in the market today.

But how do you choose one for yourself?

Here’s a list of six most popular Explainer video formats in 2019 to help you decide better:

1. White Board:

This is one of the most popular “how-to” explainer video in the market currently. The idea behind a whiteboard video is to present information as if it is being written on a whiteboard.

Here’s a video that I produced for coverfox:

2. Infographic:

If you’ve got a whole array of statistics and data to present, you should best choose the infographic style video.

Using this video, you can represent graphs, charts, flowcharts and illustrations in the best possible way. This is one of the easiest to understand from the whole lot.

3. Screen Capture:

Screen capture videos second the infographic videos on being easily understandable. They involve screen recording of the computer and audio narration to it.

It is not only a low-cost investment but also a great tutorial video. Small companies prefer screen capture videos to explain any product or service that are a little complex.

Even simple issues like deleting a Facebook account can be explained well through screen capture.

4. Live action:

The common myth that goes around an explainer video is that it should be animated. And live-action videos in the explainer section are proof against it.

In such videos, you can shoot your employee or customer or yourself explaining about your product or service. Live action videos are a great opportunity for any brand trying to humanize itself.

Take a look on this explainer video on “Most Common Agile Myths” to find out more.

5. Stop motion:

Stop-motion is the highest investment for an explainer video, but definitely worth the effort. It follows the method of capturing an object as it moves in small amounts one frame at a time.

This creates an illusion that the object is moving on its own. So if you’re looking for a unique and eye-catching video type, stop-motion videos are your one-stop destination.

And if you don’t know how does it work, you must take a look at the basics:

6. Cartoon:

None of us hates cartoons, do we? Cartoon videos are a delightful watch.

Animated cartoons use 2D animation and voice-overs to illustrate the point that has to be made.

There are cloud-based apps and online platforms available that can save you the extra cost of creating cartoons for your explainer video. Here’s how a cartoon explainer video looks:

You can choose the best suitable video for your business from the above lot.

And once you’ve chosen your format, do not forget to hire a good video marketing company to make it happen!

At Dialogbox, we mix multiple styles to come up with something that is even more engaging and unique.

Do check out some of our work where we have mixed multiple techniques to achieve great results.