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Our Work

ICICI Lombard Risk assessment App launch teaser AV

Video Type: Promotional/Viral
Format: Character Animation

Customer Testimonial – VCG

Client: Vector Consulting Group (VCG)
Video Type: Case Study
Format: Live Action + Motion Graphics

Desimechi.com Explainer

Client: Desimechi
Video Type: Promotional/Viral
Format: Cut out Character Animation

Verdantis explainer on GDPR

Client: Verdantis
Video Type: Explainer
Format: Motion Graphics

HDFCLife NIA Explainer AV

Client: Govind Seshan – HDFCLIFE
Alvina Panjikar – Leo Burnett
Video Type: Product promo
Format: Character Animation + Motion Graphics

Legalkart App explainer AV

Client: Dr Arvind KUMAR SINGHATIYA – Black Coat Technologies
Video Type: Product Promo
Format: Character Animation + Demo

Introduction to CEAT ASSIST 2.0

Coverfox Express Claims Service – Happy Customers

Merck Life sciences India Corp AV

Client: Merck Life Sciences
Video Type: Corporate Branding
Format: Detailed Motion graphics

Discovery School super league S2 Promo

Client: Discovery
Video Type: TVC
Format: 2.5D Animation

HDFCsec 10 reasons why

Client: HDFC securities
Video Type: Social Media Snackable
Format: Motion Graphics

CEAT Assist Demo Video

Client: CEAT
Video Type: Demo/Instructional
Format: Live Action + Screengrab

#LifeatVector- No Individual Targets

Success Story – sales motivation

Client: IndiaFirst Life Insurance
Video Type: Event Motivation
Format: Interview/Profile

ProTerminal Product explainer

IFLI insurance khata plan

Client: Indiafirst Life Insurance
Video Type: Product Explainer
Format: Whiteboard


Explainer Videos

Explain your company, productor service in less than 2 mins.

Educational Videos

Share what you know with short, useful video content.


Real clients and customers tell their stories on camera.

Company Stories

Introduce partners and customers to your mission and values.

Case Studies

Promote your company on youtube, television or anywhere else.

Video Series

Producing multiple videos within the same theme that are rolled out over time.


Introduce partners and customers to your mission and values.

Product Demos

Effective video content for your people, by your people.

Branded Videos

Sponsered entertainment that (for once) isn’t for you.

“Our goal is to enable every business and every marketer with the power of video storytelling. Videos are the future of business communication and we will partner with you all the way.”

– Priyank Loonker


Meet the team

Priyank Loonker

Adarsh Pharashi
Lead – Animation

Manish Arya
Lead – Illustration

Himanshu Bisht
Senior Animator

Summit Gaikwad